5 Ways to prevent headaches

Do you suffer from headaches every day or even just regularly? You’re not alone, headaches are an extremely common complaint in today’s society. Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid some of the common causes. In today’s article, we run down 5 Ways to Prevent Headaches.

How to prevent headaches ?

Most of us will have suffered a headache or two in our time, but for some people, they are an everyday annoyance or even substantially debilitating. If you suffer from frequent headaches try recording them in a diary to see if you can identify any patterns or triggers, they may be a specific response to something. If not, try a few of the ideas below to see if they help alleviate your headaches.

1. Avoid caffeine : Caffeine can be found in food and drinks, but too much of it can cause headaches. Just to confuse you, suddenly cutting back on caffeine can also cause withdrawal headaches so if you are trying to cut back, do it gradually. 

So if you are getting headaches and think it’s because of caffeine try cutting your intake gradually and see how you respond. Be careful caffeine sneaks into all sorts of things like chocolate and tea!

2. Avoid bright light/loud noises : This is fairly obvious but being subjected to persistent loud noises or bright lights (e.g. strobes or even some office lights) can lead to frequent headaches. Driving at night or even spending alot of time on a screen can also contribute to headaches.

Try to avoid situations with loud noises or bright lights as much as possible, turn down the brightness on your screens and try to take time away from them every day.

3. Reduce stress : Stress is a common cause of headaches. It can lead to grinding your teeth (sometimes in your sleep) and all over muscle tension, which can lead to headaches. It can also keep you from sleeping, which can also cause headaches.

Our article on Relaxation Day has some good ideas to help you relax and reduce stress, otherwise, try to take some time for yourself and do whatever you find particularly relaxing.

4. Get enough sleep : Sleep, mood, and headaches are all affected by the same region in the brain so a lack of sleep can lead to a variety of types of headaches. Being sleep deprived can also lead to a number of other issues that can contribute to headaches, so getting enough sleep should be made a priority. 

If you are suffering regularly from sleep deprivation then see our previous article on 5 Ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep for some simple ways to help. Alternatively, if they don’t help or it goes on for weeks then see your doctor.

5. Keep hydratedif your body is suffering from dehydration then you could also develop a headache. The optimum volume of water to be drinking is around 2 liters a day if it is a particularly hot day or you are exercising then obviously you will need a bit more. In theory, any liquid counts toward your daily intake but water is healthier than cans of soda, several cups of coffee or alcohol so keep it balanced. 

Try keeping a water bottle in your bag or on your desk at all times, and refilling whenever it gets empty. 

Headaches can be extremely annoying and sometimes extremely painful; if the above ideas don’t help or your headaches continue for several weeks, you can contact us to find an appropriate treatment. If you suffer from chronic migraines , our doctors can be there in order to help you. 

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