Christina Herring, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Herring believes in the ‘uniqueness’ of each patient. Dr. Herring will be in charge of directing and overviewing all medical procedures at Kalimera’s Wellness. She customizes the care of each patient to meet their individual needs. Appreciating that each person responds differently to treatment, she tailors care based on a variety of options.

She evaluates her patients psychiatrically, physically as well as neurologically in order to provide treatment incorporating psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, TMS therapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback and pain management.
Dr. Christina Herring is board-certified in psychiatry and pain medicine.

She works with patients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADD/ADHD, grief, relationship and gender related issues, sleep disorders, weight issues and “chronic pain”. Her objective is to apply the right therapy, so that each patient experiences a significant improvement in his or her quality of life and enjoyment of life, in a timely manner.

Dr. Herring attended medical school at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, where she received the prize of Psychiatry. She also did her residency in psychiatry at the Medical College and was Chief Resident.

She is now serving on the Admission Committee at Jefferson Medical College, and supervises residents at Drexel Medical School.