George Zabrecky, DC

Executive Director

Dr. George P. Zabrecky is a physician, with a medical and a chiropractic degree. He is also certified in acupuncture. He has an academic appointment, as Assistant Professor, in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals.
Dr. Zabrecky also serves as the Academic Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, at Jefferson, the first of its kind in a traditional medical school in the world. He completed training in immunology at Oxford University, where the focus was on maintaining homeostasis for improved quality of life and longevity.

He has a private practice in Villanova, PA, the ‘Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine’, and also contributes to recovery programs for complex patients at the ‘Marcus Institute for Integrative Health’, a Thomas Jefferson affiliate, also in Villanova.
Both facilities offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, such as a Siemens PET/MR scanner (the only one in the state), qEEG directed neurofeedback, and measurement and treatment of accelerated aging (constitutionally and individual organs).

Dr. Zabrecky is a Board Member of FAIM, the Foundation of Alternative and Integrative Medicine, whose mission is to discover safe and cost-effective treatments for illness. He is a medical/science advisor to the Stem Cell Institute-Aidan Foundation, a research institution investigating the application of human stem cells in disease and health.
Dr. Zabrecky has published several peer-reviewed research articles, in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson, Harvard, Hadassah, and other medical universities.
He is currently coauthoring the premier ‘Textbooks of Integrative Medicine’.