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Quantic Potential

QPM® is a measurement and piloting tool.

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QPM® is a measurement and piloting tool that has developed a specific technology for digitized measurement of impedance, referred to as «segmentary» because it assesses the bio-electrical activity of the human body one section at a time.

QPM® uses a bio-physical and bio-psychological approach to the human being. Based on the bio-impedance of human tissue, QPM® converts measurements into exploitable data via a PC interface based on an electronic model of the organism.

Due to its accuracy and exhaustive nature, this measurement and piloting principle can be advantageously applied to many fields and is solely reserved for professional use (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, trainers, mental preparation counselors, wellness centers, etc).

The QPM® system also provides a broad-sweeping, dynamic vision of the individual’s modus operandi as measured, along with (for particular applications) indications as to which techniques to implement.

The measurements, tested on several thousand cases, have proven their reproducibility and reliability.

How does QPM work ?

Maps of bodily impedance differ from one individual to another and from one area of the body to another. Nevertheless, despite these variations, there are some very stable and representative electrophysiological typologies.

QPM works in “instantaneous measurement mode” or conversely in “continuous measurement mode”. Monitoring can be done over as long a period as the technician controlling the experiment desires. The results reveal the subject’s electro-physiological fluctuations in real time, enabling interesting correlations between stimuli and the consecutive reactions.

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